Marketing Services

Here is how I can help you:

Interim CMO

Every growing company reaches the point where they need lean marketing to generate more leads and maintain customers. I can design a marketing strategy for you and help you execute.

Marketing Strategist

With my deep knowledge and experience of marketing for B2B companies I can help you create an effective strategy for product launches, demand creation programs, installed-base upgrade programs, or digital marketing initiatives.

I deliver a robust strategic plan with specific ideas, tool recommendations, metrics and timelines. I help you execute it, too.

Product Marketing Manager

You are bringing a new product to market, or you want to expand into new markets, I can efficiently support your marketing by leading:

  • Positioning, messaging, personas
  • Communications and social media strategy
  • Product launches and go-to-markets
  • Partner and sales enablement
  • Partner and sales training
  • Awareness and demand generation campaigns

My Process

I like to adhere to the Build-Measure-Learn Process Loop of Lean Marketing. For a marketing program that means that I design the strategy and if you like I can manage the implementation. I then recommend regular check-ins where we adjust scores and metrics to optimize for results. 

It depends on your marketing needs, but here is what I often do for customers:

  • Audit current marketing activities
  • Create personas
  • Create messaging
  • Develop a marketing or campaign plan and manage the execution
  • Lead product launches
  • Create partner and sales enablement material
  • Design a measurement plan with metrics and KPIs

Most of the work for my clients I cannot publish, since it is sensitive information. All I can show you are some recent marketing pieces I managed or created.

My customers include: