Marketing and Hiking - What Do They Have in Common?

Today I needed to spend a bit of time in nature to sort out my thoughts. I've been working on focussing my marketing consulting business more and needed to think about what my differentiators are. That's when it occurred to me:

I work the way I hike. 

It reads like my approach to a new marketing project:

  1. I start off with a solid base of expertise and experience. I've been hiking since I was a kid, in many countries, alone, with family, with friends. 
  2. Next comes research on the general landscape of a certain area, trends, opportunities, and people.
  3. I then narrow it down to several hiking areas that seem to be most promising.
  4. To better understand the terrain I hike the main trails first, observing what's going on and asking people to better understand my surroundings.
  5. And as soon as I know what to do and what to watch out for, I try to find new trails I haven't hiked before, gaining new experiences.
  6. After a while, I then know how to get to the top on many different routs, joining the mainstream of people or bypassing them when I want.

What's your experience? Do you have a certain way to discover the world that is reflected in your way of working?

Happy hiking and marketing!