How to Create Compelling Messages - A Free Template

Once you have a product you want to tell the world about it. Here are 3 steps:

1. Talk to at least 10 customers about what they value about your product, what they like about it, what they don't like and how they use it. If you work in a larger company you can also interview your sales people in addition to this.

2. Define your buyer personas so you can put yourself into the heads of your buyers. You need to understand how they think, what their pain points are, what their goals are, what they do every day.

3. Do competitive research to understand the messages your competitors are putting out there. Understand how they position their products

4. Create messaging that engages your customers in the first split second. It needs to speak to their main pain point. Something they want to solve, but don't know how to. And you can show them in your messaging how your product can help. You are welcome to use this free messaging template. Let me know how you used it.